Decorative Ceilings for Every Space

Add Room Appeal to Your Space with a Decorative Ceiling

Add Room Appeal to Your Space with a Decorative Ceiling

We all know that curb appeal is how attractive a property is when viewed from the street and is huge for first impressions. But what about the inside of your home? Does it have room appeal? The increasing popularity of design shows on TV makes it easier than ever before for the DIYer to add room appeal affordably and easily. 

The ceiling is an important design feature since it takes up the most considerable amount of area in a space and has the potential to be an impactful design decision. Let's check out some decorative ceiling looks that will add character to your space: wood, metal, coffers, and decorative white drop ceilings.

Wood Looks

By far our most popular, WOODHAVEN planks will instantly give your room a touch of classic appeal. They offer the look of real wood with finishes from natural wood to white bead board and even bamboo! These durable MDF (medium density fiberboard) planks are ideal for covering damaged drywall, plaster, or popcorn ceilings. The beveled tongue and groove design makes installation a breeze. If you're looking at adding an accent wall in the same space, some styles of WOODHAVEN planks are even suitable as wainscoting or beadboard.

COUNTRY CLASSIC planks are a pocketbook-friendly alternative to WOODHAVEN planks if you're working on a slimmer budget but want the same feel of a planked ceiling. The white finish can be stained to match your style, and 3 NEW colors give you several great prefinished options!

WOODHAVEN planks and COUNTRY CLASSIC planks are ideal for a family room, kitchen, or even a bedroom in your home where you want to make a statement. BONUS: Using EASY UP clips and WOODHAVEN planks over a 15/16” ceiling grid, you can even cover up an old drop ceiling in a basement! Read more about that here.


If you’re craving something more dramatic or are in love with old-world charm, METALLAIRE real metal panels will add instant room appeal to your space as a surface mount ceiling, drop ceiling, or even as an accent wall or backsplash. METALLAIRE panels can also create a stunning centerpiece on your ceiling, framing a lighting fixture. These unique decorative ceilings come in striking designs and finishes so you're guaranteed to find one you love.

For a paintable metal look at a lower cost, 12" x 12" tiles embossed with classic tin looks can be used instead. They install with adhesive or on the EASY UP Installation System and work perfectly for covering damaged drywall, plaster, or popcorn ceilings.


Did you know that one of the most stunning ways to add appeal to your space is with a coffered ceiling? It's true! You can create this architectural detail, just like the pros - minus the construction or the cost! An EASY ELEGANCE coffered drop ceiling is more affordable than a traditional coffered ceiling. Its lightweight PVC construction makes for easy handling and it's very durable.

Single Raised Panels are a sleek alternative to traditional coffer PVC panels. These acoustical mineral fiber panels will give you all the same benefits of a coffered drop ceiling while adding a little sophistication that is budget-friendly.

Decorative White Looks

One of the easiest areas in your home to give room appeal is to your basement. Drop ceilings from years ago were functional and provided sound blocking, but they weren't beautiful. Thankfully, they are a thing of the past with a new crop of decorative ceilings. Installation can be as simple as taking out the old tiles and replacing them with bright, white, new ones!

Remember, your ceiling is possibly the single most eye-catching area in your space. It's easy to add whole-room appeal when there are so many decorative ceiling options available. What will you choose?