4 Ideas for Your Basement Walls

4 Ideas for Your Basement Walls

Between tin looks and wood designs, Armstrong Ceilings has your basement walls covered.

Basement Walls

Adding color, light, or texture to basement walls is one way to achieve a warm, inviting look - and it’s a lot easier than you might think.

1) Wainscoting & Shiplap

Nothing beats classic wainscoting for giving a room instant personality. For a traditional or farmhouse look, choose the Beadboard option in white. For a more contemporary feel, try Painted White Planks. Both options can be painted to suit your room's décor and create cozy charm in basement spaces.

Pro Tip: Go beyond wainscoting and take the wall panels all the way to the ceiling to extend the look or carve out a space on your wall as an accent.

2) Take a Shine to Metallics

The brilliant sparkle of a metal accent wall creates a dramatic focal point in an elegant basement design. Pressed metal basement wall panels come in luxurious finishes, including the warmth of copper and brass along with the sleek sophistication of lacquered steel.

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3) Small Scale, Big Impact

Have a wet bar in the basement? Consider installing a metal panel backsplash to bring visual flair to the area behind your bar. Armstrong Metallaire stainless steel backsplash panels are 18.5" x 48.5" and are perfect for creating a decorative, small scale design.

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4) Divide and Conquer

If you have a large open basement, but would like to separate different areas to create smaller spaces, like a game room, a playroom, or a home theatre, consider installing room dividers. With dividers, you can easily create unique spaces within a larger space - without the need to build permanent walls. These room dividers attach to the ceiling with a sturdy cable system and hang freely. Choose from a variety of patterns that best suit your taste.

Consider upping your basement walls with decorative options to show off your design know-how.

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