Cathedral Ceiling Ideas

Cathedral Ceiling Ideas for a Cozy Retreat

Cathedral Ceiling Ideas for a Cozy Retreat

Looking for cathedral ceiling ideas? Read this article to find inspiration for your vaulted ceiling.

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5" x 84" WOODHAVEN Classic White
The cathedral ceiling ideas below offer attractive plank ceiling upgrades to a plain white sloped ceiling and can get your creative juices flowing.

Soaring Ceilings

If you’ve ever visited a ski lodge or a resort with plank-and-beam construction, you’ve probably found them to be inviting, even under their super high cathedral ceilings. Warm colors, especially wood and earth tones, tend to reduce the perceived height of a ceiling. Think taupe-y grays, golden maples, and red-hued pines.

Even if white is more your speed, by adding a layer of texture to the expanse overhead, you can create a background that draws the eye down to focus on your other design elements. Planks will also help break up the space of the surface, letting the eye rest and digest everything around it. The room will still feel grand, just not intimidating.

Here are some gorgeous rooms to get you started.

Installing the Planks

The ease of installing ceiling planks makes it a breeze to put your cathedral ceiling ideas into action. Check out these installation instructions for installing ceiling planks on a slope and the full WoodHaven Plank installation instructions to complement them.

PDF Installing Planks on a Sloped Ceiling

PDF Installation Instructions - WOODHAVEN Ceiling Planks

Take your cathedral ceiling to new heights with stunning ceiling planks that provide a beautiful finishing touch to your interior.