Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Get Inspired with These Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Get Inspired with These Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Get everyone around the table with these dining room decorating ideas.

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5" x 84" WOODHAVEN Classic White
No matter what size dining room you have, you can easily enhance your space design with a decorative ceiling. Choose from a range of different looks: ceiling planks, antique patterned metal tiles, coffered ceiling panels, or textured mineral fiber for dining room decorating ideas that match your taste. 

Antique Tin, Modern Appeal

For a sophisticated dining room ceiling design, nothing compares to the romance cast by the soft shimmer of an antique metal ceiling. Create the timeless elegance of a 19th century tin ceiling with today’s decorative metal panels.

You’ll find a visual to match your unique style in a selection of exquisitely detailed patterns and lustrous metal finishes in white, chrome, brass, copper, and lacquered steel. Add matching cornices to complete the look.

Architectural Interest

Coffered ceilings, with their dramatic appearance and sunken panels, make a grand statement in a dining room. Coffered ceilings capture the geometric symmetry and classic motifs of ancient Greek and Roman architecture in a look that is luxurious and detailed. Finish with a drywall border for a high-end custom look.

Colonial Simplicity Inspires Popular Trends

Late-colonial style placed an emphasis on refined and well-proportioned rooms painted in natural, earth-toned hues, like mustard, forest green, blue-gray, taupe or brown. The walls were then framed by cream-colored crown moldings. Ceilings used wood looks like beadboard and shiplap to add style while keeping it classy.

Today, that simplicity is embraced by coastal, farmhouse, and eclectic styles. Wood planks used in decorating are more popular than ever - reclaimed, driftwood, and white washed looks keep this basic decorating style from being anything but boring. 

If you plan on colonial decor in your dining room, you can easily install wainscoting in beadboard or shiplap looks - a popular and traditional way to incorporate this style. Either option can be painted to match or contrast with the colors in your room.