Antique Ceiling Tiles

Large Kitchen with Antique Ceiling Tiles

Model #: 5424504NAM

24" x 48" METALLAIRE Bead Chrome
Today, pressed metal antique ceiling tiles have come back to life with all the intricate ornamental details and authentic patterns of the late 19th century. Antique looks can transform a room by adding texture, color and flair. No matter the decorating style historical patterns make everyone look up and take notice.

Design Ideas Using Antique Ceiling Tiles

A touch of warmth is welcoming – Antique ceiling tiles offer beautiful pressed metal patterns that help set the tone in classic geometrics, delicate florals, or formal designs like the circular wreath. In addition to warmth and charm, the tiles add soft sparkle in chrome, brass, copper, and lacquered steel finishes.

Take a finished room to a whole new level – If the ceiling of an already decorated room serves as nothing more than neutral space, add pattern and color to raise the level to “impressive.” White pressed metal ceiling tiles or a bold, dramatic color will add glamour overhead, where it’s least expected.

Metal makes it modern – Metallic finishes are the current neutrals. For a modern appeal, finish your ceiling with antique ceiling tiles in a geometric pattern. You can also customize the look with metallic paint applied in loose brushstrokes to create a vintage, architectural or industrial feel. The edginess and sophistication of metal blends well with contemporary furnishings.

You don’t have to look to the past for ideas on how to decorate with classic looks. Whether you want your décor to make a bold and contemporary statement or a formal, elegant one, antique ceiling tiles are the crowning touch to a perfectly designed room.