Ceiling Types

Ceiling Types: Single Raised Panel

Ceiling Types to Match Your Style

Whether you’re buying a new home or remodeling, you can’t forget the “fifth wall” - the ceiling! No matter what the condition of your ceiling area, you can improve the functionality or the look with a variety of ceiling types. Even though changing up your ceiling can be daunting, we’re here to help you give a little love to your overhead view!

There are two main ceiling types to choose from, based on the installation method the ceiling requires. Within these two categories we have a wide range of looks and finishes - not to mention the easy installation. Here’s more information about the types of ceilings we offer.

Ceiling Type 1: Drop Ceilings

The first ceiling type we will discuss is a drop ceiling. Commonly used in basements, a drop ceiling is a flexible ceiling type for many rooms in your home. Drop ceilings have certain benefits that other ceiling types do not:

  • Drop ceilings allow easy access to ductwork, wires, or plumbing

  • You can easily replace sections of a drop ceiling if there’s damage, rather than the whole thing

  • You can change the look of your ceiling simply by choosing a new design and replacing the tiles

  • Drop ceilings are a mid-level DIY project that most homeowners can do themselves

Drop Ceiling Looks

It’s a common myth that all drop ceilings look alike. At Armstrong Ceilings, we have a wide variety of drop ceiling types to choose from. Here are a few familiar looks along with some you might not be aware of right now:

Decorative White - Not your average drop ceiling, decorative white ceiling panels are embossed to show stylish designs that help add architectural interest to your space. Single Raised Panel and CASCADE are two popular tiles that can give you that “design edge.”

Textured Look - The textured look is probably the most common look for drop ceilings. The texture is minimal, but is enough to add a higher level of sound performance (acoustics). Classic Fine Textured panels are the highest performing in terms of acoustics and humidity resistance-- or you could go with FINE FISSURED panels which also come in black for a modern look.

Smooth Look - For a sleeker visual, check out smooth panels. Smooth ceiling panels are a great upgrade for a tired basement drop ceiling. Our most popular smooth tile, SAHARA, has mold, mildew, and sag resistance, as well as acoustical properties. It comes in 24" x 24" options and 24" x 48" options that are made to look like 12" x 12" or 24" x 24" tiles. Other features include BRIGHTEX with AIRGUARD, a ceiling type that removes formaldehyde from the air to improve your air quality.

Coffered Look - Coffered ceiling panels mimic the look of high-end coffered ceilings at a fraction of the cost. Unlike costly, custom millwork, these panels drop easily into a standard drop ceiling grid, and are made of durable, washable PVC plastic. Our coffered ceilings are available in either deep or shallow coffered looks, and in dramatic black or clean white.

Metal - Yes, you can even get a metal drop ceiling! Definitely not the drop ceilings of the past, attractive real metal ceiling panels fit right into the same kind of grid used for any drop ceiling - either paint your grid to match or use a coordinating grid kit. They are also available in five different colors and a multitude of patterns to get that antique, tin look.

Drop Ceiling Installation

Drop ceiling installation is a medium-level DIY project. We have two ways to install this type of ceiling: ceiling grid using hanger wires (traditional, but more advanced) or with a ceiling grid using QUICKHANG grid hooks (more DIY-friendly). Once the grid is installed, the ceiling panels “drop” in to the grid, finishing off the look of your ceiling.

Ceiling Type 2: Surface Mount Ceilings

The second ceiling type is surface mount (also called “direct apply” ceilings). These versatile ceiling tiles and planks are available in a wide range of looks. Some benefits of surface mount ceilings include:

  • Maximizing overhead space

  • Hiding small imperfections in your ceiling

  • Covering up an ugly popcorn ceiling

  • Offering an alternative to all-white ceilings

Surface Mount Ceiling Looks

Wood Look - One of the most distinctive and popular looks for surface mount ceilings is wood planks. Available in a variety of colors, WOODHAVEN ceilings are a beautiful way to warm up a space with the look of wood. Some WOODHAVEN products can be installed on the walls as well, for a contemporary, on-trend look.

Metal Look - Certain metal ceiling panels can be nailed up on the ceiling (or even used on walls). You’ll find a great selection of colors and patterns for direct apply metal ceilings. There are also products that look like metal but are light and easy to handle, including WELLINGTON, Circles, and TINTILE.

White, Smooth & Textured - Finally, you can get a traditional, white look with surface mount 12” x 12” ceilings. Products like BALTIC and GRENOBLE offer a traditional plaster visual, but without the loss of headroom.

Surface Mount Ceiling Installation

Wood and 12” x 12” surface mount ceilings install quickly and easily with the EASY UP installation system (including covering old popcorn and plaster!) and metal ceilings are installed by nailing them to your plain, smooth ceiling. Check the product details for more information on which methods you can use for your project.

Ceiling Types for Every Lifestyle

As you can see, the possibilities are endless for getting the right ceiling type for your life. From wood to metal to traditional white, there is a look that’s right for you. Browse drop ceilings or surface mount ceilings and let us know if you have any questions for us...we’re here to help!