Decorative Metal Paneling

Creative New Uses for METALLAIRE Decorative Metal Paneling

Creative New Uses for METALLAIRE Decorative Metal Paneling

Model #: 5424207NCP

24" x 48" METALLAIRE Fans Copper
Beautiful, METALLAIRE real metal panels can dress up your home in so many ways. These easy-to-install panels are perfect for a weekend project and great for beginning DIY-ers.

With many patterns and finishes, you are sure to be able to find the perfect metal panel design for you. But there’s more to installing these decorative metal panels on a full ceiling. We sat down with interior designer, Savana Ulrich, for some Q&A about METALLAIRE ceilings.

Question: So, Savana, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Answer:  Sure! I have my Bachelors in Interior Design, from the Art Institutes. I have worked in many different areas of my field, including; photography, staging, styling, home design, and most recently I am the main Kitchen and Bath Designer for Elevations by Musselman Lumber. I love making spaces beautiful but functional for my customers!

Question: That sounds like a fun job, Savana! So, tell us about your thoughts on METALLAIRE Ceilings.

Answer: The Armstrong METALLAIRE products are an interesting twist on ceiling and wall applications. With metal being the material it lends an uncommon look to the atmosphere in your space. I think the METALLAIRE products have so much potential to be used in some really unique applications.

Question: Savana, can you share some of your creative ideas for how to use METALLAIRE ceilings in some new and creative ways?

Answer: Sure, I’d love to!

Idea #1: As Wainscoting

Wainscoting is a very traditional look, but one way to elevate that look to something more contemporary is to use METALLAIRE decorative paneling instead of the usual beadboard. You’ll want to use the 24” x 48” panels, as they are specially suited for wall installation, and they are the perfect height for use as wainscoting. Simply install panels vertically along the wall using adhesive and cone-head nails. Panels can be cut to install at corners and edges.

Idea #2: As a Shelf Backdrop

In recent years it has been trendy to paint the back surface of bookshelves a bold accent color so that it shows behind your collections. Now you can add bold color and texture to your shelves with METALLAIRE ceiling panels!

“It’s a simple project,” says Savana. “If your shelf has a fiberboard backing to it, they’re generally easy to remove. Then replace them by nailing decorative metal paneling to the back. You can also cut the panels and place them inside the shelving over the back surface, or even close in formerly open shelves by using the panels to create a new back surface.”

Idea #3: As Wall Art

Eclectic groupings of photos or art as a focal point of your room is a staple of interior design. But once again, METALLAIRE can take it up a notch! Use the 24” x 48” panels or the 24” x 24” panels to create a stunning display of colors and textures. Because you can purchase the each decorative metal panel separately, you can choose a variety of colors and finishes to match your decor. This project is as easy as hanging up a painting, and the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

So don’t limit yourself! Decorative metal paneling can be used in so many creative ways throughout your home.