Decorative Metal Panels

Turn Decorative Metal Panels Into a Ceiling Accent Cloud

Turn Decorative Metal Panels Into a Ceiling Accent Cloud

Use decorative metal panels to add some shine above your kitchen island.

Model #: 5424504NAM

24" x 48" METALLAIRE Bead Chrome
Looking to add beauty and value to your kitchen? Consider installing a ceiling accent cloud. This striking design accent helps break up a bland ceiling, provides aesthetic appeal to your island area and eliminates repainting when adding task lighting.

Safety First

  • Made from real metal with sharp edges, so be sure to wear cut-resistant gloves when handling the panels.
  • Use the buddy system whenever a project involves overhead work, so he or she can provide added security and be on hand to assist with any tools you may need.
  • Power down! Any project requiring electrical work should begin by turning off all circuit breakers in the room. Also be sure to follow the lighting manufacturer’s instructions for electrical safety.
  • For more detailed installation and safety tips for METALLAIRE ceilings, please review our installation instructions.

PDF METALLAIRE Installation Instructions

Consider Your Supplies

Tools and supplies for the install may include, but are not limited to:

  • Tools – Hammer, saw, cone head nails, screws, stud finder, laser level or weighted string line, metal shears, tin snips
  • Plywood
  • Cut-resistant gloves and safety glasses
  • Adhesive
  • Decorative trim/molding

Helpful Hints

To begin this on-trend project, start by measuring the dimensions of your new ceiling accent cloud and position of your lighting. If you’re installing above an island it‘s best to first measure the counter dimensions and use the same proportions for the ceiling accent cloud. If you have one, a laser is a great tech tool to mark lines off the island. If you don’t have a laser level a weighted string works well too.

Now it’s time to cut plywood to the desired dimensions and drill/cut holes for the light fixtures. Then lay out the 24"x 48" decorative metal panels. Consider starting with a panel in the center of the plywood and working out or use the center of the board as the middle seam for the panels. Cut panels with metal shears and use aviation tin snips to cut holes for the lights. Then measure and miter cut your trim pieces and prep, paint and caulk as desired.

Time to Install

First locate the joists (wooden beams behind the ceiling’s drywall) using a stud finder or by lightly tapping on the ceiling. Mark the joists for future reference.

Next, screw the plywood into the ceiling, making sure there is a solid connection with the joists. Be sure to use the appropriate screws for the wood. A pre-punch screw tip is easier to drill through solid wood.

Get Sticky with It

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, apply the decorative metal panels directly to the plywood and finish with coordinating cone head nails. Complete the look by nailing the trim of your choice around the border of your new ceiling accent cloud. Be sure to caulk nail holes if needed and use a damp rag to clean up and make your new decorative metal panels sparkle.

Enjoy the view!

With your new ceiling accent cloud now complete, you can bask in the functional beauty and value it adds to your kitchen. Also prepare yourself for the compliments you’ll receive from friends and family the next time you entertain.