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Walls, Meet Ceilings: Decorative Wall Options in Wood and Metal

Walls, Meet Ceilings: Decorative Wall Options in Wood and Metal

Model #: 1149

5" x 84" WOODHAVEN Beadboard

Did you know that Armstrong Ceilings can be used in other places besides your ceiling? It’s easy to dress up your walls with metal and wood look options and add a touch of excitement to your space. Here are seven ways you can use metal panels or wood look planks for a decorative wall- the alternative to a flat coat of paint.

Idea #1: Wainscoting

One quick and easy way to take a room to the next level is by adding wainscoting. For this simple project, you can install either WOODHAVEN planks or EASY ELEGANCE Plank Woodgrain White vertically on the lower half of your wall and then add trim to finish it off. Use WOODHAVEN in Woven White (shown below) to brighten up a room and give it a rustic, beachy feel.

For something more formal, consider using METALLAIRE panels in one of our unique finishes for an elevated look. The 24” x 48” panels are perfectly suited for wainscoting, if installed vertically, as they fall inside the normal height range that way. Imagined in this artist’s sketch below, METALLAIRE Bead panels create a sophisticated look.

Idea #2: As a Backsplash

Kitchens everywhere: rejoice! Pre-cut, stainless steel METALLAIRE panels are a super simple way to say goodbye to plain painted wall backsplashes. Easy to install, METALLAIRE panels like the ones shown below in Vine are naturally resistant to rust. Choose from five different patterns to match any decor. Bonus: they’re easy to clean with just a cloth and warm water!

Idea #3: Shiplap

We like to think of this as shiplap without the messy and time-consuming demolition! WOODHAVEN planks can easily be installed on walls from floor-to-ceiling in order to get that coveted shiplap look.

Pro Tip: For the shiplap look, you’ll want to install the planks horizontally, rather than vertically like wainscoting. For this easy DIY project, you’ll use the metal clips that come with the planks to install them horizontally on the wall -- in as little as a weekend!

Idea #4: Accent Walls

Do you have a small space or nook that’s not living up to its full potential? Consider METALLAIRE panels to create a show stopping statement wall!

Metallaire 24” x 48” panels can be glued and nailed together to form a decorative wall. With multiple patterns and finishes to choose from you’re sure to be able to find the perfect metal accent wall for your decor.

Idea #5: Beadboard

Beadboard is a specific kind of wainscoting featuring very narrow vertical planks. Beadboard is very popular in New England and the coastal regions, where covering the bottom portion of the wall used to be a necessity rather than a decoration.

If you want to get that beachy, New England feel for your room, install pre-finished WOODHAVEN Beadboard planks a third of the way up your wall and finish with a chair rail. This is also an easy DIY project you’ll be able to finish in a day or two.

Idea #6: Headboard

Look out, we come with a “no fail” half-day project that will make dressing up your bedroom a breeze! With a little help from our experts, you can use WOODHAVEN Charcoal Gray planks to create your headboard. These planks have a linen-like texture that looks great up close.

Idea #7 - Accent Décor

We suggest letting your imagination run wild! METALLAIRE ceiling panels are so versatile you can use them in a multitude of ways.  Consider framing METALLAIRE ceiling panels as a piece of artwork, or use them behind shelves for an interesting, textured backdrop! Use the artist’s sketches below as inspiration for your decorative wall project!

Make your home as unique as you - dress up your walls with a simple, easy-to-install metal or plank decorative wall.