PVC Ceiling Tiles

Decorating with Plastic (PVC) Ceiling Tiles

Decorating with Plastic (PVC) Ceiling Tiles

What you need to know about designing with PVC plastic ceiling tiles in a coffered look.

Model #: 1282BXA

EASY ELEGANCE Shallow Coffer White 24" x 24"
Rich in design, a coffered ceiling transforms a plain ceiling into an elegant work of art. Lightweight, coffered PVC ceiling tiles add a luxurious touch and make any room feel fresh and new – and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get this custom look. 

Design Flexibility

Coffered panels give homeowners the visual variety and flexibility to create a truly custom look. These plastic ceiling tiles are available in chic black or a bright white finish and deep or shallow heights for dramatic or subtle architectural effects. Feel free to mix and match panel colors, designs, or even invert panels for a sculpted effect.

Sag, Mold, and Mildew Resistance 

One characteristic that makes plastic ceiling tiles a preferred ceiling option is their resistance to moisture, mold, and mildew, so they’re perfect for basement remodeling. Their lightweight, rigid PVC construction makes plastic ceiling tiles maintenance-free.

Installing PVC Tiles 

Stylish coffered plastic ceiling tiles are easy to install in your existing drop ceiling grid or as part of a new suspended ceiling system. You simply drop the 24" x 24" plastic tiles into the grid and, in no time, you’ve completed your ceiling makeover. Converting a 24" x 48" grid to fit square plastic ceilings tiles is easy – just add 2’ cross tees between the main beams of the grid system. 

PVC ceiling tiles quickly and easily bring custom style to your home for less.