Ceiling Decoration Ideas

A Ceiling for Every Space

A Ceiling for Every Space

Find the perfect ceiling for your space - it's a mix between looks and performance!

When it comes to ceiling decoration ideas, inspiration can come from anywhere - a paint color, a piece of furniture, or even a specific design aesthetic. Since the ceiling is the single most expansive surface in a space, we have some tips. Regardless of your design preference, it’s easy to incorporate subtle simplicity or striking sophistication into your ceiling design.
While flexibility can be achieved with nearly every design aesthetic, it is helpful to know which application, features, and styles are most important before selecting a new ceiling.

Living Room / Family Room - above ground

Add a classic yet stylish design to your living room or open family room ceiling space with our popular WOODHAVEN planks. With so many color options, coordinating with your individual style is simple. It’s so versatile that you can transition from traditional farmhouse to industrial chic simply by incorporating elements of your design with furniture or lighting selections. Some WOODHAVEN planks can even be used on walls like wainscoting or to look like shiplap!

In addition to WOODHAVEN ceilings, we recommend any of our other surface mount options. Because it’s rare to need access to anything above your ceiling in a living room, direct-attach ceilings are an easy installation that saves ceiling height.

Other stylish surface mount ceilings:

Dining Room

If a formal dining room is what you’re after, make the ceiling the focal point! EASY ELEGANCE coffered ceiling panels add an entirely new level of sophistication at a fraction of the cost of custom millwork. Because these panels are made of rigid PVC, they are easy to wipe clean. (We may or may not have made pasta sauce fly all over the room once.) These are a drop ceiling option so if you’re wanting to keep your headroom, look at surface mount options instead.

One of our newest and coolest dining room ceiling applications is a ceiling accent cloud using METALLAIRE nail-up tiles. It adds a little drama and shines the light over your dining room table. Time to gather!

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The kitchen is an ideal room to add instant appeal because it’s generally the gathering place and by default, the heart of your home. Everyone will take notice when you add a WOODHAVEN plank ceiling or you create a dramatic visual with surface mount metal tiles either on the ceiling or as a backsplash. 

If you like the look of a classic tin ceiling but might not be willing to commit, the kitchen is another great place to incorporate the ceiling accent cloud. Highlight a kitchen island or eat-in area with a pop of metallic that shows off style and adds interest!

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Easily transform your bedroom into a sanctuary space with a direct-attach ceiling. There’s no need to compromise style when you install a WOODHAVEN plank ceiling that will outlast the trends. Add warmth to your bedroom with WOODHAVEN Natural Cherry or brighten your space with Classic White. Again, if you’re above ground, any surface mount ceiling option will work in your space!

For converted basement bedrooms, decorative white drop ceilings will give you the accessibility needed to get to pipes and wiring, and also spruce up an old drop ceiling without replacing the whole thing. Pop out the old tiles and place the new ones in! Some of these tiles also have sound absorbing properties that help with echoing in the room and stop sounds from traveling out of the space.

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Home Office/Hobby Area

Your home office may be one of the last rooms on your radar when it comes to ceiling decoration ideas. It is, however, probably one of the most important spaces in your home, especially if you have a home-based office. Adding decorative acoustic panels can create a beautiful space AND reduce noise by up to 70%.


Make your basement an extension of your living space with the addition of decorative panels that are a departure from old-school drop ceilings. If you need access to the utilities above the ceiling, a suspended ceiling will require at least 3 inches of drop when installed correctly. 

Decorative acoustic ceiling panels absorb echoes and reverberations which create a space free of unwanted sounds. Having the proper sound control can take an otherwise cold and empty space and turn it into a warm and inviting one. Other advantages of decorative drop ceiling tiles in a basement is that some are mold and mildew resistant and sag/humidity resistant. White tiles also have light reflectance which means they can help brighten a space too - bye, bye, dark basement! Learn more about ceiling performance features here.

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If you have a decorative ceiling idea for your bathroom, educating yourself on the type of materials that work for your space can save you headaches down the road. Because mold and mildew can appear in areas of a home where moisture is present and ventilation is limited like a bathroom or basement, moisture, sag, and humidity-resistant ceilings are a must. Depending upon your DIY expertise, you may want to consult with an expert before tackling your bathroom ceiling project. For full baths, we recommend EASY ELEGANCE Coffers or Flat White plastic (PVC) tiles.

Ceilings for half-baths allow you considerably more design flexibility than bathrooms with a shower or tub due to the moisture and humidity factor within those spaces. The simplicity of wood looks with a COUNTRY CLASSIC Plank ceiling is an ideal, cost-effective option for a half bath makeover. Installation is simplified with the EASY UP system. Remember there are some WOODHAVEN planks that can be used on your walls to make your half-bath space even more unique.

Regardless of your ceiling project, be sure to plan ahead of time to avoid any pitfalls in the makeover journey. A little education upfront will save you from the boring world of drywall ceilings. Why settle for boring?