Get the Look of Knock Down Texture on Your Ceilings Without the Mess

Knock Down Texture Ceiling in a Kitchen

Model #: 273

24" x 24" SAHARA

3 different looks, 2 ways to install, 1 knock down texture option that’s right for you.


Knock down texture is a popular wall and ceiling treatment designed to hide flaws in imperfect drywall or to add more visual interest. Check out the options below for getting this look without the prep and mess.

The premise of knock down texture is simple: Cover up imperfections in drywall with a technique that looks like custom plaster. It’s considered an easy update with a three dimensional effect.

The rub? Lots of taping and wrapping everything in the room, getting the consistency of the splatter just right, using a spray gun to blast the joint compound over the surface you want it (ok that sounds kind of fun), and troweling in small sections to avoid bumps – definitely messy and definitely time-consuming.

If you want the look of knock down texture, with less work and mess, try a 12” x 12” ceiling tile instead.
Here are the benefits:

  1. Easy, secure installation
  2. Consistent visual across the tiles – no worrying about getting the splatter just right
  3. Still covers up the drywall you are trying to hide and attaches directly to it using tracks and clips – no real loss of headroom
  4. Less mess and time!

Still need access to the mechanicals above, like in a basement? Try a drop ceiling option with a knock down texture look.

  1. Maintain access to pipes, ductwork, and electrical
  2. Easy grid hanging system with as little as a 3” drop
  3. Consistent visual across tiles
  4. Less mess and time!

Save time and whole lot of mess with knock down texture options.