​Concealed and Semi-Concealed Ceilings

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    Infill Panels

    Sound Absorption (NRC) Up to 0.85
    Sound Blocking (CAC) Up to 40
    Articulation Class (AC) 170
    Light Reflectance Up to 0.85
    Recycled Content 0% - 76%
    Sag/Humidity Resistance HUMIGUARD Plus
    Materials BioAcoustic
    Mineral Fiber
    Fire Performance Class A, Class A (HPVA), Class A (UL)
    Durability Soil Resistance, Impact Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Washability
  • Overview

    Concealed and semi-concealed ceilings create a continuous, monolithic look by concealing all, or most, of the grid system.

    Concealed and semi-concealed ceiling tiles are available in standard and large size tiles in a variety of materials.

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