SIMPLESOFFIT Drywall Framing System

SIMPLESOFFIT is a pre-fabricated drywall and ACOUSTIBUILT soffit framing system that quickly clicks into shape and installs rapidly; saving time, material, and labor on the jobsite.

Key Features & Performance

  • Installs faster, and uses less material than traditional stud and track
  • Aligns with construction industry dynamics:
    • Enhanced safety
    • Reduced need for skilled labor
    • Transition from stick-build to pre-fab/ off-site construction
  • Fast, easier to detail and specify
  • Fold and click out of the box
  • Clicks together in sections with no screws
  • Product can be factory-notched in either direction
  • Up to six factory notches per bar
  • Available for both standard and customized installations
  • Easy integration with drywall grid tees, main beams, KAM, LAM, and more.
  • Reduces waste on the jobsite
  • No jig time or fabrication required
  • 8 Standard size/bend options available for quick ship (approx. 5-7 days).
Face Dimensions
Profile Types
Exposed Tee
Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel
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Colors & Options

Color shown may vary from actual product.

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