New SIMPLESOFFIT Drywall Framing System from Armstrong Offers a Faster, Easier, Better Way to Build Soffits

Grid and Trim

LANCASTER, Pa. – Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions has introduced the SIMPLESOFFIT Drywall Framing System, a new prefabricated grid solution that provides a faster, easier, better way to build drywall soffits in complex and labor-intensive configurations.

Custom-made SIMPLESOFFIT main runners are produced with precision-made notches based on the framing dimensions and design specifications of each soffit project. Manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM standards and building codes, these pre-engineered solutions are available for any application, including light coves, perimeter pockets, and curved, boxed, and multi-step soffits.

Click-and-Go Installation Out of the Box

The SIMPLESOFFIT system is a simplified soffit-framing solution that saves time, material, and labor requirements, allowing projects to be completed under cost and ahead of schedule.

No jig time or fabrication is required. When the SIMPLESOFFIT material arrives at the jobsite, the screwless, click-together modular framing easily folds into shape and installs twice as fast as traditional stud and track construction methods. The product’s main runners integrate seamlessly with any other type of ceiling.

The SIMPLESOFFIT drywall framing system is part of the Armstrong SUSTAIN portfolio and meets the most stringent sustainability compliance standards in the industry today. Requiring less time to build soffits, fewer people on the job site, and less waste, all adds up to a healthier and safer workplace and lower costs.

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