Decorative Wall Installation

Decorative Wall Installation

Decorative Wall Installation

Learn about decorative wall installation from Armstrong Ceilings.

Model #: 1149

5" x 84" Beadboard WOODHAVEN
Armstrong Ceilings offers decorative options to dress up the walls in your home. Installation is easy! Choose from either wood-look planks or metal panels to add a touch of excitement and drama to your room's decor.

Wood-Look Planks

Consider the expanded range of decorating options with WoodHaven Ceiling Planks used on walls. Two 5"x 84" selections are available to use as wainscoting or on walls - Painted White (model #1148) and Beadboard (model #1149).

Installation options:

1. Install vertically on a wall using construction adhesive. Follow the adhesive manufacturer's recommendations for surface preparation and application rate. Use painter's tape if necessary to hold planks in place until the adhesive sets up.

2. Install horizontally on a wall using clips included in the carton.

PDF Installation Instructions - WoodHaven Ceiling Planks 

Metal Tiles

Metallaire ceiling panels are not only beautiful but functional as well when used as a kitchen backsplash or a decorative accent wall. 18.5" x 48.5" stainless steel Metallaire panels are the best option for a backsplash, as this material is naturally resistant to rust and panels are sized appropriately for typical kitchen applications. 24" x 48" Metallaire panels in Chrome, Copper, Brass, Lacquered Steel and White are also available for decorative use as accent walls.


For this decorative wall installation, use adhesive to attach the panels to the wall. Use just enough cone head nails to secure the panels to the wall while the adhesive sets up. (Do not remove nails.)

PDF Installation Instructions - Metallaire Walls & Backsplashes