Ceiling Tile Installation: Comparing Your Options

Confused by the different installation methods available to install ceiling tiles? Review the below information to help you decide the best method for your project.

Surface Mount (Direct Apply) Ceiling Installation

  • Want to hide stains or an ugly popcorn ceiling?
  • Want to maximize your ceiling height?
  • Don't like the look of grid (drop ceilings)?

Surface mount (direct apply) ceiling products install directly to joists or existing drywall, plaster, or popcorn ceilings. Two installation methods can be used to install these products: Armstrong Easy Up Installation System or adhesive.

Quick Installation Overview:

Suspended (Drop) Ceilings

  • Need access to pipes, duct work or wiring above your ceiling?
  • Want the ability to easily replace damaged or stained ceiling panels?
  • Have 3 inches of headroom to spare?

24" x 24" and 24" x 48" ceiling panels install in a suspended (drop) grid system. This installation method is perfect when access to overhead electrical wiring, pipes or duct work is needed. In many applications, the grid only drops down about 3 inches from the joists.

Quick installation overview:

Ceiling tile installation doesn't have to be daunting. Surface mount and drop installation systems give you everything you need to install the ceiling of your choice.