Ceiling Repair Alternatives

Think Outside the Box for Ceiling Repair & Replacement
Think Outside the Box for Ceiling Repair & Replacement

Think Outside the Box for Ceiling Repair & Replacement

Just cover it up!

Model #: 1140

5" x 84" WOODHAVEN Classic White
Damaged ceilings can be a nightmare to repair. Take the opportunity to hide unsightly damage or dated ceiling trends like "popcorn" and maximize ceiling height with a striking new ceiling from Armstrong Ceilings. With various options and styles that allow you to cover your existing ceiling, you no longer need to worry about tearing down and starting from scratch. Complement your current decor with metal, decorative, or wood look ceiling repair alternatives. 

Before you begin, remedy any issues that may affect application or pose a health threat. 

  • If you sustained a leak in your ceiling, make sure that the leak has been properly fixed and that any mold is remediated correctly.
  • Remove any crumbling plaster or drywall, and always make sure that your new ceiling will be anchored to a solid surface.
  • To create a clean, professional finish, make sure you apply the new ceiling to a flat surface.
  • If you are concerned about another issue not mentioned, be sure to contact a professional in the corresponding field.
  • If an old popcorn ceiling is in tact, don't worry about scraping! Just use the EASY UP tracks and clips to cover it up!

Option 1: Wood Look Ceilings

Add a touch a warmth and nature to a damaged ceiling, with one of two stunning wood look options: WOODHAVEN Planks and COUNTRY CLASSIC plank. Each has a simple direct apply method that can transform your old ceiling over the weekend. Just choose your favorite aesthetic. 

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WOODHAVEN ceiling planks are available in many different finishes, and two options (1148 Painted White and 1149 Beadboard) are paintable. Matching your one-of-a-kind style has never been easier. Made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard), each panel is sturdy, easy-to-handle, and install.

5” x 84” WOODHAVEN planks can also directly apply to existing ceilings using the EASY UP installation system or furring strips and drywall screws (sold separately), making it a perfect ceiling repair alternative. Using staggered installation allows for less waste, and the beveled tongue and groove edge minimizes the appearance of gaps during normal expansion and contraction.

Learn more about WOODHAVEN plank installation.


For a more rustic-chic wood look, try COUNTRY CLASSIC planks. Country classic planks are wider and shorter (6” x 48”) for a more classic rural aesthetic. Paint or stain planks for a custom look, or choose to stay white for a more traditional and subtle feel. This beautiful, wood grain look panel is also a great cost-effective alternative to real wood planks.

Made of mineral fiber, COUNTRY CLASSIC Planks easily cut with a utility knife and are lightweight for easy handling. Quickly install using the Easy Up track and clip system, or apply to your ceiling with adhesive.

When you are in need of a quick and easy solution to a ceiling with damage, check out the beautiful selection of planks and tiles from Armstrong Ceilings as ceiling repair alternatives.

Option 2: METALLAIRE Surface Mount Ceilings

Add a touch of real metal to your ceiling with METALLAIRE ceiling panels. Choose from 12 beautiful, 19th century historical patterns and five different finishes (white, chrome, lacquered steel, brass, copper). With so many options, you can choose to go bold and turn your ceiling into a focal point, or subtle and sophisticated to blend into your room’s design and color scheme. METALLAIRE panels are coated to protect from rust and also resist sag, mold, and mildew.

Each 24” x 48” panel can be directly applied to existing ceilings using cone head nails (sold separately) in a coordinating finish. Each carton of cone head nails will cover 200 square feet of ceiling space. Since METALLAIRE panels are not meant to be cut, filler panels are available to finish the edges - also in coordinating finishes. Go the extra mile and accentuate your new metal ceiling with one of six matching cornices for the ultimate finishing touch. 

Option 3: Decorative Ceilings

Armstrong Ceilings also offer 12” x 12” decorative tiles to cover ceilings with damage. Choose from various different mineral fiber options. For a vintage tin look at an affordable price, select from three patterns - 46 WELLINGTON, 1240 TINTILE, and 1244 Circles. For a sleek, smooth option try 231 Washable White. To add some pattern and texture, try 250 PINEHURST or 258 GRENOBLE. All 12” x 12” tiles are white but can be painted to match any decor.

Each tile can be installed using the Easy Up installation system. Simply (1) attach tracks, (2) snap on EASY UP clips, and (3) position the tile and secure the clip. The EASY UP clips provide superior holding power. You can also apply using adhesive - just follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Don't tear down your ugly or damaged ceiling when you can cover it up!

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