Old Grid, Beautiful Wood Look Drop Ceiling

Old Grid, Beautiful Wood Look Drop Ceiling

Attach ceiling planks to an existing drop ceiling grid with special clips for a fresh wood look ceiling.

Transform an Old Drop Ceiling Grid

You can easily update your old suspended ceiling – and you don’t have to tear out your existing ceiling grid. Use your existing 15/16" grid and Easy Up clips to transform your old, outdated drop ceiling into a beautiful wood look ceiling!

PDF WoodHaven Plank Installation Instructions (401K)

Step 1
Remove panels 

Step 2
Snap on Easy Up clips 

Step 3
Position WoodHaven Ceiling Planks; slide and secure clips 

Note: Existing grid must be 15/16". Prior to installation, ensure the clip fits snugly on the grid but can still slide. Check out the last page of the full WoodHaven Plank Installation Instructions for more details. 

What You Need for a Wood Drop Ceiling

1. WoodHaven ceiling planks

2. Easy Up Clips

We recommend ordering a sample of the clips to ensure they will fit snugly to your 15/16" grid.

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