Metal Ceiling Installation Cost

Metal Ceiling Installation Cost

Consider these additions when planning for a metal ceiling installation.

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24" x 48" METALLAIRE Bead Chrome

The Cost of Installing a Real Metal Ceiling

Pressed metal ceilings are a timeless and fashionable design option for any space. When considering the purchase of METALLAIRE ceilings for your home, it's important to know about the different installation methods and costs associated with them. 

Ceilings and Filler Panels 

The cost of a metal ceiling installation may depend on the finish you select for you space. You can expect to pay anywhere between $4.00-$12.00/sq. ft. for the ceiling panel itself. The historical pressed patterns are not intended to be cut. So, to finish the perimeter of the room where full-size panels do not fit, a low-profile “filler” panel is available. Filler panels in the same finish will be approximately the same price as the ceiling panel, and will give your project a finished look, right up to the wall.


Instead of wooden trim and molding, cornices allow you to transition from ceiling to wall in a coordinating metal. Like the metal panels and filler panels, the costs vary based on the selected finish and height of the cornice. For example, a dramatic, tall copper cornice will add more cost to your project than a subtle, white shorter cornice. See available options in the METALLAIRE brochure and visit a local retailer to see available options and pricing.

Install 2 Ways

Metallaire ceiling panels come in two sizes, and each size is installed in a different way.

24" x 48" surface mount ceiling panels
To maximize your ceiling height and achieve a seamless visual, 24" x 48" panels can be mounted directly to your ceiling with adhesive and color-coordinated cone head nails. The nails are ordered separately. Additionally, to ensure a secure attachment, we recommend applying plywood to your joists or existing ceiling. The panels have pre-marked nail locations with overlapping borders to ensure a square installation.

PDF METALLAIRE Installation Instructions

24" x 24" suspended (drop) ceiling panels
In spaces where you need to retain access to pipes and wiring above the ceiling, install the 24” x 24” panel in a 15/16” drop grid system. Either select a Metallaire grid kit with easy-to-level QUICKHANG hooks (for residential use only), available in coordinating color finishes, or work with a paint supplier near you to mix a paint that is suitable for metal and that will coordinate with the panels and optional cornices. Link to new metal grid kit collection.

PDF METALLAIRE Grid Kit Installation Instructions

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