Top 10 Ceiling Installation Tips

Did you know that you should allow new ceiling tiles to adjust to the job site for at least 24 hours? Or that you should always start a sloped ceiling installation from the bottom, working your way to the top?
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Top 10 Ceiling Installation Tips

1) While Tip 1 may seem obvious to the experienced DIYer, it's worth mentioning. Be sure to remove the ceiling tiles, panels, or planks from the carton 24 hours before installation so they can adjust to the room temperature where you'll be installing your ceiling.

2) Did you know that WOODHAVEN Planks should be installed horizontally on a sloped ceiling, and you should start from the bottom and work your way to the top? Check out tip 27 in the full guide for more info.

3) When installing the EASY UP track system, the first and last rows of metal tracks are installed 2" from the side walls. The rows of tracks in the middle are installed 12" on centers. Read more about it in Tip 10.

4) Speed up the installation of wall molding along an uneven wall surface. Create a wood fascia attached to the ceiling joist and be sure the bottom of the fascia board is even with the bottom of the wall molding. See the illustration under Tip 5 in the full guide.

5) Have you ever wondered which gauge hanger wire to use for commercial jobs or residential jobs? We recommend using 12 gauge hanger wire for a commercial job and 12 or 16 gauge hanger wire for residential projects. Check out Tips 6, 7, and 8 in the guide to see more hanger wire quick tips.

6) Tip 9 in the guide shows two methods of squaring the grid: one using a string, plumb bob, and a 3-4-5 triangle, and the other one uses a string, main beams and cross tees. See the guide for step-by-step instructions for each squaring the grid method in Tip 9.

7) Did you know that you can cut a cross tee with snips then bend it like a hinge to make boxing around obstructions simpler? See Tip 13 in the full guide for instructions.

8) Cutting recessed grid border panels can be tricky which is why Tip 19 from the full guide is included on our top 10 list. Carefully place the ceiling panel into the grid then draw a light pencil line using the wall molding as your guide. This is an ideal time to use any damaged or existing cut ceiling tiles. See Tip 19 for more information.

9) Be sure to install extra support when hanging light fixtures. For example, you’ll want to install additional hanger wires for extra support where you plan to place light fixtures. And when installing a recessed light in a tile ceiling, don't forget to use support bars between the joists for proper support. Never let a light rest directly on a ceiling tile. See Tips 21 & 22 for quick reference.

10) Did you know that incandescent lights, even in reflective high hat or can fixtures, are too hot for plastic surfaced panels, such as fiberglass? Check out Tip 23 in the guide for details.

Preparations help the ceiling installation process go faster and smoother. Use our time-saving ceiling installation tips help you to work smarter and save you from working harder.
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