Ceiling Clips

Ceiling Clips Explained

Ceiling Clips Explained

Ceiling clips can help simplify your ceiling installation and polish the look.

Model #: 1280BXA

24" x 24" EASY ELEGANCE Deep Coffer White
Ceiling clips are a great way to achieve a cleaner, leveled, and secure installation. Read about different types of clips and watch simple videos on how to use them.

EASY ELEGANCE Drywall Border and Hold Down


MBACAG - 70 pieces per carton

  • Transition from a drop ceiling to drywall using standard ceiling tile grid from wall-to-wall
  • Great for drywall perimeters around coffered ceiling
  • Two flanges for a larger area to attach screws
  • Simply click over the main beam and screw in the drywall

FZDWACSAG - 50 pieces per carton

  • Used adjacent to acoustical tiles allowing for access above the ceiling
  • Facilitates transition from drywall to acoustical ceiling
  • Locks under bulb of grid section to prevent upward movement and provide secure attachment surface on one side of exposed grid
  • Great for drywall perimeters around coffered ceiling

FZCHDC - 50 pieces per carton

  • Keeps light-weight panels in place; great for Easy Elegance coffered panels
  • Made of high impact clear PVC
  • More narrow than Universal Hold Clip, so fits better with deep coffer panels

WoodHaven and 15/16" Grid Retrofit



  • Retrofit your 15/16" suspended ceiling grid to get a beautiful wood ceiling with EASY UP clips
  • 1-piece sample available for $1 to test if your grid is the right size
  • Clip should have a snug fit, be able to slide, and require some force to remove with your hand

Easy, Code-compliant Residential Installations



  • Provides code-compliant main beam-to-cross tee connectivity when only 1 tee is connected (at intersections with lights, vents, etc.)
  • Improves the squareness of the installed suspension system and prevents twisting of main beams
  • Allows panel accessibility without interference from screws or other obstructions

FZWS12 - 50 pieces per carton

  • Tightly and securely splices two hanger wires
  • Use in renovations where you have to change elevation of ceiling without re-wrapping wires
  • Use in ceiling drops beyond the length of standard hanger wire

FZBERC2 - 50 pieces per carton - NEW SIZE!

  • Joins main beam or cross tee to wall molding and web of suspension system with no visible pop rivets – more attractive in residential installs!
  • Still offered in 1000 pieces, but now also offered in smaller carton

FZUHDCA - 50 pieces per carton - NEW SIZE!

  • Fits over top of the grid to hold panels in place
  • Still offered in 1000 pieces, but now also offered in smaller carton

UTCA - 250 pieces per carton

  • For light suspension system attachment to 1-1/2" channel
  • Bridging under HVAC ducts
  • Can be used to install the suspension system tight to wood joists