Project Spotlight: WOODHAVEN Ceilings - A Great Choice for the A-frame Chalet

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5" x 84" WOODHAVEN Classic White
Roanna Bales and Thomas Akin didn’t set out to create a five-star Airbnb experience with their newly-remodeled cabin nestled in the mountains of northern Georgia. But, that’s just what it has become for this pair of avid DIY-ers and decorators. Here at Armstrong Ceilings, we’re proud to have been just a tiny part of their self-styled journey to vacation homeownership.

The Transformation

The couples' A-frame style cabin has been impeccably restored and decorated, a fact many Airbnb reviewers love to point out. Built in 1973, this cozy chalet was meant to be a place where the couple could relax and unwind with their children. As they began remodeling the large daylight basement, they knew they had to do something about the original decor, which was dark and outdated. The biggest eyesore were the dingy drop ceilings, which Roanna hated.

Style Inspiration

“Our design style has an eclectic/collector vibe,” says Roanna, “so we were looking for something natural and light to contrast with some of the Mid-century modern elements throughout the house.” Ultimately, that rustic charm is what lead Roanna and Thomas to WOODHAVEN ceiling planks.

WOODHAVEN planks help keep things bright where natural light isn't as abundant.

The owners' mid-century modern style is on full display in the main living areas of the home. Do you love the original woods?

No-show pro? No Problem!

“I found your ceiling product online. It looked easy to install and was the only product that allowed us to continue the wood plank feel of the cabin while using the existing ceiling grid,” explains Thomas of the WOODHAVEN ceiling they chose to replace the existing ceiling. They were all set to have a professional install it, but the person they had lined up to do so cancelled. As a result, Thomas and Roanna decided to do it themselves.

DIY Ease: Attaching WOODHAVEN planks to existing ceiling grid, completely covering it.

“The price was great and it turned out to be as easy to install as it looked. The online instructions were spot on and simple to follow,” notes Thomas. “We were easily able to include the new lighting and existing vents in the ceiling installation.”

The end result? A bright, charming, upscale lounge in the basement -- a groovy place for guests to hang out or family to play games. The white ceiling helps to keep the basement a bright, usable space where people want to spend time.


What's Next?

Roanna and Thomas both say they are pleased with how the ceiling project turned out, along with the basement project as a whole. And, they both plan to continue with home improvements with their vacation home, as well as enjoying it with their families.

In the future, Roanna would love to bring her design style to more folks as part of a new business. “My dream is to keep designing and working with people to bring their home design visions to life,” Roanna says. Well, we certainly think that’s an attainable goal for a talent like hers!

Thanks so much for sharing your project with us, Roanna and Tom!

You can check out their full Airbnb listing located in Ellijay, GA here.

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