Low Ceiling Solutions for When You Need That Extra Height

Low Ceiling Solutions for When You Need That Extra Height

Low ceiling solutions let you maximize your ceiling height without sacrificing style. Various options available.

Model #: 1140

5" x 84" WOODHAVEN Classic White

Low Ceiling Solutions

Low ceilings bringing you down? Let Armstrong Ceilings maximize height without sacrificing style in your low ceiling areas using surface mount ceiling options. Choose the look that fits you best. From wood look to metal to decorative options, Armstrong Ceilings has your solution covered. 


Maximize ceiling height and add a touch of warmth to your home with real wood look planks.

WOODHAVEN planks offer various finishes, with two white options that are paintable (1148 and 1149) to match any décor. Each plank measures 5” x 84” and is prefinished, meaning no sanding, staining or sealing is necessary. Install over already existing ceilings or cover a 15/16” grid system. Easy to handle, WOODHAVEN planks are made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard).


For a more cost-effective alternative to real wood planks, try COUNTRY CLASSIC planks. With a cozy, rustic feel, COUNTRY CLASSIC planks will add charm to your low ceilings. Made of standard ceiling material (mineral fiber), COUNTRY CLASSIC planks cut easily with a utility knife and are lightweight for easy handling. Each plank measures 6” x 48." The white plank can brighten up your room or be painted or stained to match your style, and 3 NEW colors give you several great prefinished options!


METALLAIRE ceiling panels, made of real metal, offer a unique and striking way to update your low ceiling without losing height. Select your favorite 19th century inspired pattern and one of five stunning finishes - Copper, Brass, Lacquered Steel, Chrome, and White. Each 24” x 48” panel is coated to protect from rust and offers sag, mold, and mildew resistance. You can choose a more subdued pattern in white to create a subtle ambiance, or you can go bold and eye-catching. With 12 different patterns, METALLAIRE panels fit any style.

12" x 12" Ceiling Tiles 

For an affordable low ceiling solution, try decorative 12” x 12” ceiling tiles. These tiles install directly to an existing ceiling. For a vintage tin look, try one of three options - WELLINGTON, TINTILE, or Circles. Each option is paintable to match any decor. For a more subtle, smooth visual, try Washable White - a great way to make your low ceiling room appear larger. PINEHURST and GRENOBLE are also available for when you need some added pattern and texture. Paint to your liking, and create a gorgeous ceiling that doesn’t lose its height.


WOODHAVEN Planks: Use the EASY UP installation system, which is as easy as (1) attach tracks, (2) snap on EASY UP clips, and (3) position plank and secure with clip. Clips and screws that come in the package may also be used.

Bonus: If you have a suspended ceiling, you can use WOODHAVEN Planks with EASY UP clips to completely cover the grid. Grid must be 15/16" wide.

COUNTRY CLASSIC Planks: These planks can be installed using the Easy Up system. Adhesive can also be used. Just follow the manufacturer's instructions.

METALLAIRE Panels: Apply panels to existing ceiling using cone head nails in a matching finish. Use filler panels, also in a coordinating finish, to complete edges. Add a touch of elegance with one of six cornices, designed to give your ceiling a high-end feel.

12" x 12" Ceiling Tiles: Use the EASY UP system for best results. Adhesive may also be used, but follow the adhesive manufacturer's instructions.

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