Living Room Ceiling Ideas

Living Room Ceiling Ideas

Get living room ceiling ideas and advice straight from the experts.

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3 Living Room Ceiling Ideas & Considerations

When creating the optimal design for your living room, take every element into account. Figure out how you want to begin your design story and don’t overlook areas such as ceilings, trim work, and textures. Tackle one of the most neglected components in living rooms - the ceiling - with some helpful tips and tricks! 

Pro Tip #1: Decorate for Ceiling Height 

High ceilings call for more elaborate details/decoration to fill up space. When a ceiling is too simple for its height, the room can appear somewhat empty. Feel free to try your boldest selections here, and always remember that the element of texture can transform your living room ceiling without feeling too drastic. 

For lower ceilings, try simpler designs, and opt for ceiling types that don’t eat up extra head space. To visually enlarge this space, stay with lighter-toned finishes and lots of bright lighting or natural light if you have it. Incorporate metal ceiling panels to help reflect light throughout the living area or a painted wood plank for subtle interest. 

Pro Tip #2: Functionality and Location

Today a living room can mean the perfect epicenter for family gatherings, an enticing entertainment center for friends, and/or a refuge for relaxation. Considering the functionality and location of your living room can help narrow down ceiling choices to fit your needs. 

For living rooms located in the basement, acoustical properties and mold and mildew resistance may be a top concern. Your basement may already have a suspended ceiling grid system in place. Take advantage of the grid and add decorative panels to match your décor.

Create a relaxing atmosphere with simple living room ceiling ideas and textures in neutral or muted tones. White ceiling applications can aid in a calm color theme and add some airy delight overhead.

Pro Tip #3: Details, details, details!

Another living room ceiling idea is to enhance your ceiling with corresponding finishing accessories to create a unique space with character. Elegant coffered ceilings are one of many living room ceiling ideas that will appear to be a high-end, custom work of art when surrounded with a drywall border. 

For even more lavish tastes, add cornices in a matching finish to your metal ceiling to complement the elaborate, antiqued pattern. Decorative finishes that complement the ceiling offer a more complete feel and can help tie together elements within the living area.