Coffered Ceiling

A Coffered Ceiling Guide

A Coffered Ceiling Guide

A coffered ceiling can bring drama or add subtle architectural detail to any room. Learn about your options, installation, design ideas, and more.

Model #: 1282BXA

24" x 24" EASY ELEGANCE Shallow Coffer White
A coffered ceiling is created with coffered panels or "coffers." Coffers are sunken panels attached to a suspended (drop) grid to create a new ceiling with depth and architectural interest. Each lightweight rigid PVC (plastic) coffered panel is 24" x 24", available in either deep or shallow styles, and comes in white or black. Deep coffers add visual weight to a room, while shallow coffers create a lighter feel. 

What is a Coffered Ceiling?

A coffered ceiling is a group of sunken panels of various shapes in a ceiling. Dating back to when they were made of stone, a coffered ceiling was considered an architectural feat of construction. In modern times, coffered ceiling often refers to a custom wooden frame over ceiling panels to create the look of the historical design.

Benefits of a Drop Coffered Ceiling

Design Flexibility

Armstrong coffered panels give homeowners the ability to create a custom look. These plastic ceiling tiles are available in black and white finishes and deep or shallow heights for different dimensional effects. You can mix and match panel colors, designs, or even invert panels for a unique effect.


Each coffered ceiling tile is made of rigid PVC (plastic). This manufacturing method means panels are easy to handle while installing. Plastic ceiling panels are lightweight compared to standard ceiling tiles so installation is less strenuous.

Sag, Mold, and Mildew Resistance 

One characteristic that makes coffered ceiling tiles a preferred ceiling option is that they have resistance to sagging, mold and mildew. Their lightweight construction makes the tiles easy-to-clean and maintenance-free.


You can install a coffered ceiling in a new or existing 24" x 24" suspended ceiling grid. Since no room is perfectly square, you'll also need to create a perimeter border, using either a tegular edge mineral fiber drop ceiling panel or drywall. A drywall border is the preferred option since it will provide a high-end, custom look.

PDF Installation Instructions - Easy Elegance Coffered Ceilings

PDFCoffered Ceiling Installation FAQs

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