Ceiling Styles for Every Taste

Model #: 1140

5" x 84" WOODHAVEN Classic White

Which of these ceiling styles will you choose?

We've come a long way since the ceilings of the 70's. No longer banished to the basement, these ceiling styles work perfectly in any room - either above or below ground.


Defined by symmetry and attention to detail, a traditional style is an enduring classic. To help create this look in your home, incorporate the timeless design of coffered or tin look ceilings.

Decorating Tips

  • Subtly patterned wallpaper brings a traditional style to life.
  • Aim for balance in furniture placement.
  • Use muted colors for wall paint and accessories.


This relaxed style says “welcome home” by using soft whites, worn-in finishes, and lots of texture. White ceiling planks add another layer of dimension.

Decorating Tips

  • Choose distressed, painted metal or oil-rubbed bronze lighting fixtures, cabinet pulls, and even door knobs that contrast with the whites, creams, and grays that are typical of this style.
  • Painted floors? We give them a big thumbs up for added personality.
  • Use sisal rugs, soft linens, and cottons in fun patterns and sayings to add some whimsy.


A great idea to enhance a modern decor is finishing it with a modern ceiling. A shallow coffered ceiling style can bring a simple dimension to any modern setting.

Decorating Tips

  • Clean lines don’t have to be straight lines. A smooth and simple look can mean curves too.
  • Accessorize with one or two pieces that create a dramatic focal point.
  • Incorporate leggy furniture and lighting in muted tones.


“Coastal” has become a popular home trend in the last few years. One easy way to bring this cheerful style into your home is with a white beadboard or plank ceiling.

Decorating Tips

  • Upcycle. Spruce up yard sale finds like an old bike or canoe paddle and hang them as wall art.
  • Think “nautical” with accents like anchors and boat rope.
  • You could try natural textures with watery blues or crisp whites with pops of turquoise.