Backsplash Sheets

4 Ideas to Incorporate Backsplash Sheets In Your Home

4 Ideas to Incorporate Backsplash Sheets In Your Home

Model #: 5400210BNA

18.5" x 48.5" METALLAIRE Vine Backsplash
If you’re looking for a unique, affordable way to update your kitchen, bar, dining room, or other areas in your home, consider installing pressed metal backsplash sheets. With so many patterns and finishes to choose from, they’re bound to suit your tastes. Plus they're easy to install, so you can do it yourself in a weekend.

1) Go Long

Add visual energy by installing your tile backsplash along the entire length of the counter. Consider using a smaller pattern in the same finish behind the sink and stove to distinguish these areas from the surrounding panels.

2) Shining Light

With under-cabinet lighting, a pressed metal tile backsplash gives your room extra sparkle. You can achieve different effects by the pattern you choose.

3) Contrast or Coordinate

A metal tile backsplash works beautifully in a room with dark wood cabinets by creating a visual break between the upper and lower storage areas. In a kitchen with white cabinetry, a pressed metal tile backsplash adds a different texture to the space.

Coordinated Look

Coordinated Look

If your kitchen ceiling already boasts the beautiful look of tin tiles, bring that same ambiance down to eye level with a backsplash sheet made of decorative metal. Create a coordinated look by selecting a matching finish, or mix it up with a contrasting one such as stainless steel.


Installation and Housekeeping

Metal ceiling tiles come in an 18.5" x 48.5" stainless steel option, which is the best option for a backsplash. The material is naturally resistant to rust and panels are sized appropriately for typical applications. However, you can also cut down the 24" x 48" surface mount metal ceiling panels. These larger panels are made of raw steel, and while coated to protect from rust, it's important to avoid nicks, abrasive cleaners, and prolonged exposure to steam or water to maintain the product's appearance and performance.

Pressed metal panels are easy to install with construction adhesive and a few DIY tools. Check out the installation instructions to learn how you can give your kitchen a fresh look with backsplash sheets.