Designing Open Floor Plans Using Ceilings and Walls

Ceilings and Walls for Open Floor Plans

Ceilings and Walls for Open Floor Plans

Learn how to visually separate open floor plans using decorative ceilings and walls.

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5" x 84" WOODHAVEN Classic White
For those who dream of open floor plans or for those who already have open areas of the home, separating spaces for different uses may be tricky. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping a flow in an open concept space while creating comfortable, distinct areas in a home. 

Contrasting Materials

An easy way to use contrasting materials to define space is to create an accent wall. Use metallic panels from floor to ceiling behind your dining set or buffet to visually distinguish the dining area.

You can even visually separate open floor plans in large finished basements with opposing materials. Create a pub feel over a basement bar with metal ceiling panels and finish the rest of the space off with crisp acoustical panels. 

Design a sophisticated feel in one section with white coffered ceiling panels for the adult side and simple charm with smooth, white tiles or drywall in the children’s play area. 

Layer Textures

Layer Textures

A simple way to distinguish one section from another is by adding contrasting materials in similar shades to your open area. Use the layout of your furniture as a guide or simply start with a ceiling or wall application to quickly identify different sections.

Try using a white metallic backsplash to define your kitchen and painted white planks in adjacent dining areas, or set your living room apart with a rich wood-grain look. Choose finishes that complement one another - similar or contrasting shades both work!