Black Ceiling Tiles for the Home

Bring On the Drama with Black Ceiling Tiles

Bring On the Drama with Black Ceiling Tiles

Add a dramatic look to any room with black ceiling tiles. Ideal for spaces where you want to pack a decorative punch.

Model #: 1728BL


Not for the Faint of Heart 

Decorating with black ceiling tiles is a great way to change the look of any room, although the most common applications are in media and game rooms. Forget what you heard about making rooms feel smaller - a sleek black ceiling can make room details spring to life. For little cost and effort, black ceiling tiles are a bold move that can transform an otherwise drab living space into a stylish hub for gathering family and friends.

In a home theatre, black ceilings reduce the light reflected from a flat-panel TV and work well with low-light levels, giving the room the feel of a real movie theatre. In this type of room, consider a ceiling product that can reduce noise. So while you’re enjoying optimal sound quality in the comfort of your home, the sound within a room or traveling from room to room is reduced. 

In the family game room where the pool table, flat-panel TV, video game console and board games compete for space, how can you create a well-designed space that provides an enjoyable atmosphere for your family to hang out? Easy. Pull it all together under a spectacular and dramatic black coffered ceiling. Black coffer tiles add depth, dimension and a touch of excitement. Plus, they are durable and easy to install, making them perfect for a DIY project!