Wooden Ceiling Ideas

3 Wooden Ceiling Ideas That Add Style to the Fifth Wall

3 Wooden Ceiling Ideas That Add Style to the Fifth Wall

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5" x 84" WOODHAVEN Classic White
What’s the most overlooked surface in any room? Did you think “ceiling”? Bingo! Most homeowners focus their attention on flooring, furnishings and window treatments, but pay almost no attention to the ceiling. The ceiling can help define the style of a room and, in the case of a wood ceiling, take interior design to dramatic new heights. These wood ceiling ideas show you how the warm, comfortable look of wood enhances a room’s décor.

1) Warm

The distinctive wood grain patterns of ceiling planks bring cozy comfort to a modern-rustic design, refined elegance to Tudor-inspired style, or simply a touch of natural texture to a contemporary space.

Let's start with warm tones. Add richness to the ceiling with the honeyed glow of pine. No matter where you live or what your style, the distinct knots add visual interest in whatever finish is applied.

Natural maple, cherry, and even bamboo finishes have a subtler appearance, with minimal-to-zero knotting and a smoother grain pattern, while still bringing in that warmth we all love.

2) White

Classic white will never go out of style. The tidy, neat lines of tongue & groove ceiling planks add a tasteful detail that draws the eye upward and across the top of the room.

Use beadboard to give a space a New England cottage feel or to add farmhouse flair. White doesn't have to mean "home-y," though. If you have a sleeker aesthetic, painted wood can work for you too. The wooden ceiling idea below shows how you can incorporate white wood with modern furniture and pops of color.

3) Weathered

For a distressed effect, check out worn gray finishes. Inspired by barn-side boards and driftwood, the planks have a distinct and knotty, cracked wood visual that works well with coastal, preppy, or country design. Looking to go a little lighter but still keep the worn-in feeling? Try a white washed style.

If you want to make a big impact in a room with little effort, these wooden look ceiling ideas are a great way to start.