Basement Ideas

11 Basement Ideas to Makeover Your Space

11 Basement Ideas to Makeover Your Space

Get some basement inspiration to make your space functional and beautiful.

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Here is the ultimate list of basement ideas. We're going to explore some practical uses for your basement, as well as some unconventional options that may surprise you.

Expanding the living space of your home can increase the value of your property and make your house more functional for your specific needs. When you outgrow your home, costly additions or getting back in the real estate game may not be ideal or even feasible. However, transforming a damp, dark basement into a clean, finished living space can greatly increase functionality and solve space or storage issues.

1) Bedroom Retreat

If you want more privacy away from guest bedrooms or don’t have your dream master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, this may the transformation for you. Create a relaxing retreat with walk-in closets and a spa-like bath. Think of your basement as an extension of your home, and carry that style throughout. Add a gas fireplace for a romantic, cozy feeling or take a more modern approach with mixed metals and natural elements.

You can also use the basement for a guest bedroom or bedrooms, depending on the size and layout. Don’t be afraid to change the use of the guest bedrooms upstairs as well. With bedrooms downstairs, you can use an extra room for a home office of a large walk-in closet complete with a vanity and enough storage for all of your accessories.

2) Living Room and/or Playroom

When the adults and children need separate spaces, add a new living area to your basement. You can hide all of the toys and games downstairs in the new playroom. Make sure to add closets and other creative storage solutions so it doesn’t turn into a toy explosion. The children can have a large area to be loud and have fun. Many options for sound control via ceiling choice are available to keep noises from travelling upstairs. As the kids get older, the finished space will be easy to convert into a more mature space.

If you need more room to entertain, you may want to consider hosting your guests in your new spacious and open living area, complete with comfy seating options. If your family likes to stay together, you can transform upstairs into a formal living room and the basement into a large family room with areas for kids and adults.

3) Media Center/Movie Theatre

For the lovers of Nextflix® and video games, turn your basement into a tech lover’s dream. For a real movie theatre experience, use dark paints and materials and keep sound in check with ceiling and wall treatments. Splurge and get reclining movie chairs and surround sound for the ultimate experience. This room can morph into a place to listen to music, watch tv, play video or computer games.

4) Bars and Wine Cellars

Your home bar can become the ultimate gathering place for holiday parties and get-togethers. For this basement idea, feature your favorite spirits on high shelves and glassware on lower ones. Behind the shelves, a mirror will help make the space feel larger. Add a fridge to store all of your favorite beverages. If you can swing the plumbing, a wet bar is a convenient way to aid in clean-up. The style is up to you, whether you like ultra modern, sleek lines or a more traditional and ornate space.

Wine collectors can rejoice. Your very own wine cellar can showcase your vast collection and favorite wines, as well as keep the wine in the perfect environment. Add a table and seating for guests to join you in wine pairings and tastings for a unique and fun space.

5) Office

Having an office away from other living areas can help you concentrate on the tasks you need to complete. You can keep the area private or invite clients or coworkers for meetings at your very own conference room. Be sure to add a coffee or tea maker and mini fridge to eliminate the need to re-enter your living space while working. 

6) Studio

Allow your creative juices to flow in your very own studio. You can create a recording, art, yoga, or any other specialty studio you can imagine. Surround yourself with what inspires your art or motivates your training. Use acoustical treatments on walls and ceilings to help block sound and help aid in concentration.

For craft lovers, DIYers, carpenters, and contractors, a workshop can be very important. Organize your tools and materials in appropriate cabinetry and shelving. Leave an open space or have a large table for big projects. A creative space can increase productivity and mood.

7) Gym

When the gym is too time consuming and inconvenient, imagine how wonderful it would be to just work out at home. A basement allows you plenty of room for large equipment, free weights, benches, and more. You can even have an area for cardio workouts. When your gym is right downstairs, you don’t need to worry about expensive gym memberships or driving.

8) Laundry Room

Laundry can be a daunting task. Make the most of your basement space by creating the ultimate laundry room. Place your washer and dryer on pedestals to help relieve back pain from continuously bending over to load and unload laundry. Don’t forget to add cabinetry and shelving for detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and a trash can. You can even store cleaning supplies in this room, keeping them out of sight. With a large laundry room, you can have space to iron, air dry delicates, and use a table our countertop to fold.

9) In-law suite

For visiting family or a new housemate, adding an in-law suite can help everyone in the home have their own space. For this basement idea, install a bathroom and kitchenette and include an area to eat, relax, and sleep. Your guest or live-in extended family will get to enjoy spending time with you while still maintaining their independence and privacy. You may even be able to make this space rentable. Do your research and see if you can have a money-making/saving opportunity.

10) Memorobilia "Museum"

Collectors often amass more than they can handle. When you want to show off your collection of sports memorabilia, artworks, or antiques, organize your treasures in a museum-like living space. You can choose to add seating, descriptive plaques, or decorative cases. 

11) Game Room

Let the games begin. Include all or your favorites for the ultimate entertaining space. Pool tables, arcade games, pinball machines, shuffleboard, air hockey, a card table – you name it, and you can incorporate it. This option is great for kids and adults alike. Lay off the stress of the day with a fun-filled space.

Think Big!

Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Every home and family has different needs. Create your perfect space. Combine basement ideas and use it as a multi-purpose room. Whatever you decide, bringing a living space to life in the basement can help you fall in love with your house all over again.

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