FASTSIZE Ceiling Panels and Suspension Systems


Do the Math

Get the sizes you need and eliminate field cutting and painting ceiling panels around linear lights, diffusers, and more. The bigger the project, the more onsite time and labor you’ll save so you can get in and out faster. All with fast lead times. Ceilings go up much faster with FASTSIZE made-to-order ceilings and grid.

  • One carton minimum… shipped fast
  • Factory-finished edges on ceiling panels
  • Project-specific length and routing on grid
  • Available in any color on LYRA, CALLA, and participating grid systems

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Contact your distributor rep for a 24-hour FASTSIZE quote.​
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Know your options.

Contact your distributor rep for a 24-hour FASTSIZE quote.

Or, if you partner with the PROJECTWORKS team earlier in your project, made-to-order panels and grid are automatically included with the Drawing Package you'll receive, along with all these other time-saving benefits:

  • Get accurate, fast estimates and takeoffs with comprehensive panel, suspension, and hardware quantities  
  • Reduce risk and eliminate guesswork for any project type – large, small, complex, or projects containing multiple solutions
  • Get PROJECTWORKS Optimization Report, reducing potential material cost based on realistic scrap reusability  
  • Receive a complete Bill of Materials to order with confidence— including all the made-to-order panels and grid
  • Accelerate installation with detailed panel, suspension, and hardware layouts
  • Got AXIOM Trim? Drawing Package includes everything you need to order and install pre-mitered, pre-curved AXIOM delivered to the jobsite

Drawing Package includes detailed layouts with made-to-order components to help with on-site project coordination


How much time could you save on non-standard, or specialty grid and panel installations if you didn't have to fool around with field-modifications, cuts, or painting? If you're doing the math in your head, you’ll want to check out this video. 

Goes Up Quicker

Don’t let a unique ceiling design slow you down. Ceilings go up much faster with FASTSIZE made-to-order ceiling panels and grid. No more fussing with field cutting and painting specialty size panels.

How is FASTSIZE Different?

The Armstrong FASTSIZE program is a specialized manufacturing process that can provide made-to-order panel sizes in any color and custom grid sizes and routing specific to your project. It is ideal for projects with linear lights and diffusers where custom size panels and grid are needed around every fixture with the main field of the ceiling installation. And with factory-painted edges on made-to-order tegular tiles, reduces risk of problems or punch list items in these highly scrutinized areas.

Tip: FASTSIZE can also be used with larger perimeter cloud installations when partial panels are needed, but are not recommended for perimeter wall installations due to inconsistencies in the wall dimensions.

Now you can have crisp, clean factory-finished panels and suspension system throughout your project. Choose from a variety of our most popular ceiling panels and suspension systems below.

Unmatched Size Flexibility
  • 4"-48" W & 4"-120" L for panels
  • 36"-144" for main beams
  • 3"-144" for cross tees

How Fast is FASTSIZE?

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FASTSIZE Ceiling Panels

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