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Avoid Shipping Delays–Programs to Get What You Need Fast!​

The three FAST programs from Armstrong — FASTSIZE, FAST134, & FASTSHIP Clips & Accessories — sound similar, but each is unique with its own set of users and benefits. Let’s check them out!​

Overview of FAST Programs

The Armstrong FASTSIZEFAST134, and FASTSHIP Clips & Accessories programs were developed with unique products, applications, quantities, and users in mind, but they all work to achieve a similar objective – getting you the products and solutions you need when you need them. ​

Decide which program will best fit the needs of your project.

Tailgate Talk: FAST Programs from Armstrong

Get the products you need when you need them with the FASTSIZE, FAST134, and FASTSHIP programs. In this quick video, Cliff highlights the different lead times, product options, and benefits of each of these three programs.

Program Comparison


Ceiling panels and
suspension systems

Standard specialty ceiling and wall products

Ceiling clips and accessories

Program Overview

FASTSIZE panels and suspension systems are perfect for designs where building modules are not standard, or if you’ll be using narrow linear fixtures or diffusers. These installations require cuts for Tegular or Vector ceiling panels and custom routed suspension system around lights and diffusers.

FAST134 standard specialty products are available to ship in 4 weeks or less from order, fit most budgets and come in a variety of options. Plus, standard sizes and colors mean no shop drawings or submittal sample approvals.

FASTSHIP allows you to receive a wide variety of acoustical and drywall ceiling clips and accessories in just the right quantity, as quickly as overnight, to help you save time and money and make every project faster, easier, and better.

Applicable Product Families

Factory-finished ceiling panels and suspension systems

Learn more our FASTSIZE products

Select specialty ceiling and wall products and solutions. Our FAST filter is updated weekly on our website.

Learn more about our FAST134 products

Acoustical and drywall ceiling clips and accessories

Learn more about our FASTSHIP products

Lead Times

24 hours for quotes

24 hours for ship date confirmations

2 weeks for suspension systems

3 weeks for panels

1 week order-to-ship for FAST1 products (stocked items)

3 and 4 weeks order-to-ship for FAST3 and FAST4 items respectively, based on which material and/or product family you need for your project

* Please note: Shipments outside of the Eastern United States may have extended lead times.

90+ clips and accessory options are available for overnight or ground delivery

Product Size Flexibility

4“ - 48" wide and 4"-120" long for panels

36“ - 144" for main beams

6“ - 144" for cross tees

FAST1, FAST3, and FAST4 designation is based on material and product family


Product Quantities

1-carton minimum

*Larger orders over 2500 sq ft or 50 pieces for shapes/vertical elements may have longer lead times

Full-size or 50-piece carton minimum


* View additional FAST134 program details in the disclaimer.


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