METALWORKS Blades - Classics: 8156D62M15



How to and Guides

  • Vector Fixture Trim Kit

    When installing light or other fixtures within a Vector ceiling installation, the classic 1/4 reveal that defines the separation between vector panels is interrupted at light fixtures or diffusers. Vector fixture trim, maintains that 1/4'' reveal...

  • Metalworks™ Blades-Classics™

    How to install MetalWorks Blades - Classics linear panels for your next project.

  • METALWORKS Blades - Classics Field Cut End Cap

    MetalWorks™ Blades – Classics™ Field Cut End Cap offers maximized jobsite flexibility, allowing for a finished edge on a field-modified panel.

Compatible Grid & Trim

360 Painted Grid
360 Painted Grid

This 9/16" and 15/16" profile suspension system is used to define open plenum spaces, or used as decorative accent on clouds and canopies.