FAST134 Program for Specialty Ceilings & Walls

Standard Specialty Products in Less Than 4 Weeks

FAST134 program focused on quick lead times.

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Meet FAST134 for Standard Specialty Ceilings and Walls.

As shipping delays prevail across industries on all types of products, it’s now more important than ever that your ceilings arrive on time to meet your schedule. Our FAST134 standard specialty products are available in 4 weeks or less, fit most budgets and come in a variety of options. Plus, standard sizes and colors mean no shop drawings or submittal sample approvals. See FAST134 product options available below.

Lead Time Matters!
Click on the FAST icon below to see product options for your desired lead time.

* View complete FAST134 program details in the disclaimer section below.

FAST134 Program for Specialty Ceilings & Walls

Standard specialty ceiling and wall products available for shipment in four weeks or less. Focused on quick lead times, FAST134 offers lead times of one, three, and four weeks.

Need Products Fast?

Our FASTSIZE, FAST134, and FASTSHIP programs are all about getting you the products and solutions you need when you need them.

FAST134 Program Product Options

What products can I get in one (1), three (3), or four (4) weeks order-to-ship?

Follow the below steps and see the value our all-new FAST134 Program can bring to your project!

FAST134 Product Options

Step 1: Select the “Material” type and/or "Product Family" for your project
Step 2: Select your desired “Lead Time” you need the product by
Step 3: Click on the product line to see complete “Configure an Item” options

Note: Size of job matters - large orders may have longer lead times.

Disclaimer: What Matters?

Stock vs. Made-to-Order Matters
FAST3 & FAST4 items are made-to-order and will ship direct to distributor. FAST1 (stocked items) will go through distribution and depend on distributor truck schedules. In those rare instances when we are out of stock or a lead time is unacceptable, find a close alternative using the Lead Time filters. All lead time information is updated on a weekly basis.
Size of Job Matters
Big jobs, over 2500 SF or 50 pieces for shapes/vertical elements may have longer lead times.
Location Matters
Transit time not included. We are ready to ship from AWI locations in 1 week on FAST1 items. However, transit to the states west of Wyoming may add time. Work with your local distributor to arrange speedy arrival to the job site when lead time matters.
Distributor Truck Schedule Matters
We rely on distribution to help move products around the country. When speed matters, work with local distributor to ensure FAST service.