CASTWORKS METAPHORS Ceiling Panels are dimensional suspended 24" x 24" tegular panels offered in 5 modern designs

Key Features & Performance

  • Achieve a dimensional, custom look with standard installation on heavy-duty SUPRAFINE XL 9/16" grid
  • Modular panel designs can create many unique looks based on layout
  • Available in four standard colors or can be field painted to achieve any desired color
  • Integrate lighting solutions seamlessly from Omnify, USAI, and JLC-Tech
  • Botanical panels, when installed with acoustic infill panels, achieve excellent sound absorption with NRC up to 0.85
  • For perimeter solutions, use ACOUSTIBUILT or 24" x 24" CALLA Tegular panels
  • Select products included in the FAST134 program – ready to ship in 4 weeks or less
  • CASTWORKS METAPHORS panels are part of the SUSTAIN portfolio, and meet the most stringent industry sustainability compliance standards today
Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GRG)
Fire Performance
Class A
Light Reflectance

A high light reflective ceiling – LR 0.83 or greater, per ASTM E1477-98 as referred to in ASTM E1264-98 – makes lighting systems, especially indirect lighting, more effective while further reducing energy costs and consumption. LR values apply to White panels only.


May be fogged following CDC recommendations using EPA-approved disinfectant ​cleaners per Armstrong Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines​


May be sprayed following CDC recommendations using EPA disinfectant​ cleaners per Armstrong Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines​

Get the acoustics right in any space!

Request a complimentary Custom Acoustical Report for your next project and receive a detailed, customized report that will ensure you have the right ceiling to reduce noise, improve speech intelligibility, and/or meet your speech privacy needs.

FAST134 means standard specialty products in less than 4 weeks.
Complimentary ceiling design & pre-construction service.
Sustainability Profile
LEED  •  WELL  •  Living Building Challenge
Recyclable/Extended Producer Responsibility
Recycled Content
Energy Management
Sourcing of Raw Materials
Construction Waste
Material Ingredient Reporting
Regional Materials
Location Dependent
Low emitting/materials
Design for Flexibility
Lighting Quality
Acoustics (With Infill Panels)
Biobased Materials
High Performance Sustainable Ceiling Systems
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Living Building Challenge Compliant
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