Thank You!

2019 Calendar

Thanks to everyone who took the time to get inspired!

Our giveaway has ended, but you can keep the ideas flowing! Visit our Project Gallery and unleash your imagination!

And if you'd like assistance in bringing your one-of-a-kind ideas to life we invite you to connect with our You Inspire Solutions Center ("YISC") team for ceiling design support on your project.

Featured Projects

<h4>January 2019</h4>

January 2019

Winner: Andrew H.

<h4>February 2019</h4>

February 2019

Winner: Hermann C.

<h4>MARCH 2019</h4>

MARCH 2019

Winner: Valerie M.

<h4>April 2019</h4>

April 2019

Winner: Rachel H.

<h4>May 2019</h4>

May 2019

Winner: Amanda W.

<h4>June 2019</h4>

June 2019

Winner: Lisa B.

<h4>July 2019</h4>

July 2019

Winner: Jim P.

<h4>August 2019</h4>

August 2019

Winner: Megan M.

<h4>September 2019</h4>

September 2019

Winner: Cindy K.

<h4>October 2019</h4>

October 2019

Winner: Alvin B.

<h4>November 2019</h4>

November 2019

Winner: Suzanne G.

<h4>December 2019</h4>

December 2019

Winner: Carleigh H.

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