Energy Saving Ceilings

Reduce building HVAC energy costs and consumption up to 15%*

Energy costs and consumption in buildings account for 40% of global energy use. New TEMPLOK Ceilings absorb and release heat, thereby regulating indoor temperature and reducing energy usage. By installing Energy Saving Ceilings in one of the largest surface areas in your space, you’ll notice improved thermal comfort, reduced heating and cooling needs, and more efficient HVAC operation resulting in a more sustainable, resilient space.

TEMPLOK Energy Saving Ceilings

Introducing Templok Energy Saving Ceilings which use advanced Phase Change Material (PCM) to naturally increase thermal mass providing year-round comfort requiring less heating and cooling energy.


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How Do Energy Saving Ceilings Work?

Energy Saving Ceilings combine phase change material (PCM) technology with standard Armstrong Ceiling panels. 

The PCM in TEMPLOK Ceilings exchanges heat with air on both sides of the ceiling. The room and the plenum zones are both inside the insulated building envelope, so the temperature moderating effects of PCM on both sides can affect the heating and cooling energy profile of the building. 

On the room side, heat exchanges through the acoustical ceiling tile. While the acoustical tile slows the heat transfer rate somewhat, air movement from ventilation, activity, and natural thermal plumes in the room tend to increase the rate of heat transfer. On the plenum side, heat exchanges directly between the TEMPLOK tile and the air.


* Measured cooling energy savings in lab test. Results may vary. See TEMPLOK Technical Guide for details.