Engineered Solutions To Meet Your IEQ Needs

Solutions that work around-the-clock to make a difference in indoor settings.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is a measure of the quality of an indoor environment as it relates to human health, well-being and performance, including indoor air quality (IAQ), lighting, visual quality, acoustics, and thermal comfort.

Armstrong Ceilings – known for ceiling acoustics and sustainability innovations – is expanding our portfolio beyond traditional ceiling concepts to offer engineered products that improve air quality, clean and disinfect the air, and improve thermal comfort. 

Discover how ceilings can help engineers improve IEQ for building owners, building managers and occupants alike.

Have questions about in-room air purification, ultraviolet light, filtration or thermal comfort?

Anne and our team can provide answers, along with MEP design & specification assistance, for your next project.
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Solutions for Healthier, Safer Spaces

The Armstrong Ceilings portfolio is ideal for any environment where we want to reassure people going back to work, learn, heal, and play that they are surrounded by materials and systems that contribute to indoor environmental quality to keep them safe and healthier.

Solutions for Thermal Comfort

Circulate hot or cold water through concealed copper tubing on the back of the panels providing sustainable heating and cooling with minimal air ventilation requirements.


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