All the structural, flexibility, and accessibility benefits of the DYNAMAX structural grid system, PLUS enhanced strength for 6’ and 8’ rod drops.

Key Features & Performance

  • Ideal combination of a finished ceiling system with a structural solution to suspend mid-span loads of up to 1,090 lbs. at L/360 (up to 1,800​ lbs. for static point loads)
  • Allows for longer spans (6’ and 8') while also providing greater load-carrying capacity
  • 6' spacing allows for direct attachment to steel joists or precast concrete tees
  • Spanning 6' or more eliminates the need for slotted strut channel at deck/roof level and creates more space for critical MEP components
  • Easy integration into a conventional grid system using AXTBC clip and DYNAMAX PLUS boss channels
  • A structural data center solution for suspending cable trays, equipment, partitions and hot and cold aisle containment barriers
  • Armstrong ceiling panels options specifically sized for DYNAMAX PLUS
  • Factory gasketed ULTIMA AIRASSURE for DYNAMAX PLUS panels reduce air leakage and save an average energy savings of $.40/SF annually
  • Lighting, diffuser, and air containment options are available from solutions partners
  • Available in 24" x 24", 24" x 48" and 48" x 48" suspension system layouts
  • Fully accessible system allows for future expansion and upgrades
  • Cross tees not bearing any load are removable for plenum access without compromising the structural integrity of the system
  • 10-year limited suspension system warranty; 30-year limited ceiling system warranty
  • Installation Benefits:
    • Factory cut notches on main beams for a faster and easier installation
    • Non-progressive installation gives the ability to remove or replace a section of the system without the need to dismantle those components around it
    • X-Brackets installed on DYNAMAX PLUS grid provide attachment points for 4' x 4' suspension from building structure
    • Eliminate up to 1/2 of threaded rods/accessories utilized today for typical 4' hanging spans
Face Dimensions
Duty Ratings
Heavy Duty
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