Linear Visuals

Wonders Begin with A Simple Line

And the broadest portfolio of material types and finishes in the industry.


Linear designs allow you to take that line to new levels – bringing depth, movement, and focus to your interiors. The endless variations of materials, colors, and unexpected details give you more ways than ever to make your designs align. 

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Continuing Education

Wood Specialty Ceilings and Walls: Art, Science, and System

Wood Specialty Ceilings and Walls CEU Course Cover

AIA Program Number: ArmEx207      Credits: 1.5 LU
IDCEC Course Number: 106415       Credits:  1 LU 

Learning Objectives of this course:

  • Discuss the role of wood specialty ceilings in commercial buildings, including new integrated, pre-engineered systems.
  • Evaluate how aesthetic choices interact with performance, safety and durability, in a broad range of standard, custom and one-of-a-kind design options.
  • Examine key performance attributes: acoustics, fire performance, accessibility to the plenum, seismic performance, moisture resistance, sustainability including contribution to USGBC LEED rating system, and installation.
  • Recognize how the manufacturing process of wood panels determines their appearance, performance, lead time, and cost.

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Specifying Metal Ceilings

Specifying Metal Ceilings AIA CEU Cover

AIA Program Number: 006MC1      Credits: 1 LU

Learning Objectives of this course:

  • Understand how and why metal ceilings are used
  • Learn about metal manufacturing materials and processes
  • Understand how size and shape of a panel can affect lead time and cost
  • Understand how acoustical performance is achieved with different metal ceiling options
  • Learn when metal can be used for exterior applications
  • Understand how metal ceilings can provide security

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You Inspire Solutions Center

Want an out-of-the-ordinary ceiling? From linear visuals in modified shapes and sizes, to custom colors and images, finishes and perfs, no one offers the broad range of options you can get from Armstrong Ceilings. We'll even work with you to create one-of-a-kind ceiling installations, like US Bank through our You Inspire Solutions Center.