TECTUM Direct-Attach: 8175T10


Technical Details



  • Fastest TECTUM Wall Panel Installation - Finale vs. Direct Attach C-20

    Watch how TECTUM Finale installs 2-1/2 times faster than TECTUM Direct Attach panels in a C-20 mount.

  • InvisAcoustics™ For Exposed Structure

    Direct-To-Deck Acoustics. Now you see it. Now you don't. Whether you want acoustic panels to be visible, or have them disappear into the deck, we have options for you. InvisAcoustics™ Basics panels empower your exposed structure design, while bringin

  • Tectum® and InvisAcoustics™ Direct Attach to Truss and I-Beam

    Now, you can treat your Truss' and I-Beams with sound absorbing material that either stands out with a field painted custom color or blends into to your exposed structure. Check out how you can now install InvisAcoustics™ or Tectum® to Truss' and I-B