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A healthy space surrounds you with a sense of well-being – from clean air to disinfectable, quiet spaces, sustainable materials & inspiring design.

Armstrong solutions can help you create better spaces that improve productivity, enhance well-being, inspire creativity and restore trust and confidence as people return to work, learn, heal, and play. Our new product introductions this spring can help you design, build, and sustain beautiful and healthy spaces.

All-new Living Lab, Our Healthy Spaces Pilot Space

Where we’ll live and breathe healthy spaces across the portfolio.

Specialty Ceilings, Walls & Integrated Lighting Solutions

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What Makes A Healthy Space?

The 24/7 DEFEND Portfolio is ideal for any environment to reassure people that they are surrounded by materials and systems that work 24/7 to keep them healthier and safer.


Cleanable, disinfectable ceiling panels, specialty ceilings, suspension systems, trims, and partitions.


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