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Inspiring designs, sustainable materials, and integrated systems.

Today's Armstrong is a family of innovative brands. We're future-thinking solutions providers with products and services that utilize technology to meet your vision and values for next-level design while reducing your environmental impact. We are one Armstrong.

Ceilings, Walls & Integrated Lighting Solutions

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Design & Pre-Construction Support & Services


PROJECTWORKS design and pre-construction service can help with a complete design-to-installation package, quick turnaround, and crisp partner-component integration.

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Healthy Spaces

Healthy Spaces Ecosystem

Why Does Indoor Environmental Quality Matter?

We spend roughly 90% of our lives indoors, and the past few years have highlighted how our well-being is directly affected by our physical surroundings. Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) consists of several key factors: air, sound, light, temperature, and more.

Making sure we have healthy air, impactful acoustics, sufficient lighting and thermal comfort are essential to health and well-being in spaces where we live, work, learn, heal and play.

Explore how you can create a space with outstanding IEQ, starting at the ceiling, when you choose sustainable, healthy building solutions.

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