Soil Resistant Ceiling Tiles

Ceilings That Maintain Their Appearance, Acoustics, and Light Reflectance

Shown above: METALWORKS Tegular (l), CALLA (m). TECHZONE with OPTIMA (r)

Soil resistant ceilings maintain their appearance, acoustics, and light reflectance.

Dirt accumulation not only detracts from a ceiling's appearance, but can cost money by requiring painting or replacement of the ceiling. In addition to reducing acoustical efficiency, soiling can cause a substantial reduction in light reflectance.

Most high light-reflectant ceilings provide excellent soil resistance for lasting value and performance.

Other Durability Features to Consider:

Soil Resistant Ceilings are Ideal For:

  • Kitchens
  • Hospitals
  • Cafeterias


Other Performance Criteria to Consider