Sustainability Overview

Armstrong Ceilings is the Industry Leader in Offering Sustainable Solutions

Transforming the Design and Building of Spaces Fit for the Future

At Armstrong World Industries, we make a difference by contributing to healthier, safer spaces where we live, work, learn, heal and play. As a leader in the building products industry, we aim to transform the design and building of spaces so businesses and communities can thrive, today and into the future.

Our sustainability program has three pillars, each with specific goals and targets to achieve by 2030, to ensure we are held accountable for meeting our commitments. We have established cross-functional teams within our company to help us achieve these goals and targets. Learn more about our key sustainability pillars below.

Healthy and Circular Products

We are committed to responsible sourcing and to providing transparency in our products. In addition, we will design our products to minimize waste and pollution; support recycling, repurposing or reuse; and contribute to the regeneration of natural systems.

Healthy Planet

All our electricity sources will be renewable, and we will dramatically reduce the carbon and water impacts of our products and operations.

Thriving People and Communities

Our workforce will be safe, diverse, inclusive and fulfilled, and we will actively contribute to our local communities.


Explore the resources below to learn how we’re making it easier to specify sustainable ceilings and walls products designed to help you create healthier, safer spaces.

Other Performance Criteria to Consider