High Light-Reflective Ceiling Tiles

Create Brighter Spaces

More light for happier, more effective places to work, heal, and learn.

High light-reflective products reflect more light to create brighter spaces.

More light returned means a brighter space with less indirect lighting, reduced energy consumption and happier, more effective employees.

Indirect lighting is used in areas without natural light. High light-reflective ceiling tiles enhance the benefits of indirect lighting by improving overall lighting uniformity, returning up to 90% of light back into the space compared to 75% with standard ceilings.

Growing awareness of new, energy-saving lighting often overlooks the integral role of the ceiling. A high light-reflective ceiling - LR 0.83 or greater per ASTM E1477-98 as referred to in ASTM E1264-98 - makes these lighting systems, especially indirect lighting, more effective while further reducing energy costs and consumption.

Benefits of High-LR Ceilings:

  • Substantially brighter spaces - up to 25% more usable light
  • Reduced energy costs and consumption - as much as 18%
  • Exceptionally balanced light diffusion - due to the consistent surface finish
  • Reduced Light Loss Factor (LLF) - because their soil-resistant surfaces remain highly reflectant


Other Performance Criteria to Consider