​Music and Language Room Ceilings

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    ULTIMA Lay-In and Tegular

    Sound Absorption (NRC) Up to 0.75
    Sound Blocking (CAC) Up to 40
    Light Reflectance Up to 0.88
    Recycled Content 56% - 87%
    Sag/Humidity Resistance HumiGuard Plus
    Fire Performance Class A, Class A (UL), Fire Resistive
    Durability Soil Resistance, Impact Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Scrubbability, Washability
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    It's important that every note and every syllable come through loud and clear in music and language rooms. Acoustical performance is king.

    Ceiling tiles for music rooms help control disruptive reverberation and background noise that makes it difficult for musicians to hear what they’re singing or playing. Ceiling solutions designed for music and language rooms also help block sound transmission to and from adjacent spaces.

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