How to and Guides

  • INVISACOUSTICS For Exposed Structure

    Direct-To-Deck Acoustics. Now you see it. Now you don't. Whether you want acoustic panels to be visible, or have them disappear into the deck, we have options for you. Empower your exposed structure design with InvisAcoustics™ basics panels.

  • TECTUM and INVISACOUSTICS Direct Attach to Truss and I-Beam

    Now, you can treat your Truss' and I-Beams with sound absorbing material that either stands out with a field painted custom color or blends into to your exposed structure. Check out how you can now install INVISACOUSTICS or TECTUM to Truss' and I-B

  • SHORTSPAN Corridors

    Watch how fast we frame a 78-foot long by five-foot wide drywall corridor with SHORTSPAN tees.

  • PRELUDE XL Max - Data Center Installation

    Watch our ceiling construction experts install the integrated Data Center ceiling solution and discuss the key benefits of the system.