METALWORKS AIRTITE Radiant Ceiling Systems

Radiant ceilings circulate hot or cold water through concealed copper tubing on the back of the panels providing sustainable heating and cooling with minimal air ventilation requirements. With hydronic radiant ceiling systems, your space is heated and cooled more efficiently, bringing comfort to all occupants.

Key Features & Performance

  • Hydronic radiant ceiling systems and chilled beams offer significant energy savings while providing superior user comfort ​
  • Direct energy transfer from room surfaces from both extruded and modular-type panels
  • Hot or cold water circulates through concealed copper tubing providing sustainable heating and cooling with minimal air ventilation requirements
  • Chilled Beams use minimal primary air providing optimal heating and cooling​
  • Overlaid fiberglass insulation available
Special Applications


AR-X: Extruded Radiant Panel​

The AR-X extruded hydronic panels are ideal for perimeter heating and cooling, eliminating the need for baseboard or floor mounted systems that are subject to damage and limit furniture placement. The panels are constructed with 4", 5" or 6" single-tube and 6" double-tube, with 4" single vertical and 4" single bullnose sections. Panels can be assembled with various extrusions in panel widths from 4 to 48"-plus, and lengths up to 16'. The panels are designed to be installed wall-to-wall or in modules.​

AR-D: Diffuser Panel​

The AR-D combines an extruded radiant assembly and an integrated air diffuser panel, resulting in a unit with a seamless, streamlined finish. Three-position air pattern controllers can range from 12 to 60". Blank offs, as required, will provide a continuous slot appearance. Air flowing across the panel may increase the total heating capacity up to 35%. As with the AR-X, the AR-D can be installed wall-to-wall. ​

AR-M: Modular Panel A​

Also known as Modular Panel A, the .040” formed AR-M aluminum panel is available in 24" x  24" and 24" x 48" standard sizes, with a 1” batt of insulation. The lightweight design has six-pass sinuous coils metallurgically bonded/soldered to the back of the aluminum panel, providing optimal heat transfer. These panels can be silk screened to match adjacent acoustical ceiling tiles. Custom sizes can be made on request.​

AR-B: Perforated Modular Panel B​

Similar to standard AR-M: Modular Panel A, AR-B panels have perforations made to the same pattern as the adjacent acoustical metal panels. The copper tubes are bonded to the back of the panel with black-faced aluminum extrusions and black acoustic fleece. This provides additional noise reduction.

​AR-L & AR-C: Radiant + Convection Panel​

AR-L and AR-C are combination radiant and convection panels that deliver both high capacity and high efficiency. By separating the linear radiant elements with a gap, the AR-L and AR-C couple the radiant cooling effects of standard radiant panels with a high convective component.​

​AR-L and AR-C can be installed in a variety of applications including full or cloud ceiling areas. Special design options such as hinged modules, sprinklers, lighting openings, air intake, etc., are available.

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